Aqua Lock® Plus Primer/Sealer AQ-04XX

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Product Description


  • Available Colours: White, Black, Deep Base
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Primer
  • Cleanup: Soap and Water
  • Resin Type: Acrylic
  • Recommended Use: Interior, Exterior
  • MPI Rating: 39
  • VOC Level: 44.8


Aqua Lock® Plus is a multi-purpose, 100% acrylic, water-based primer sealer for outstanding everyday stain blocking on a variety of surfaces. It adheres to interior and exterior surfaces and can be top coated with latex or oil-based coatings.

  • 100% acrylic
  • Blocks tough stains
  • Provides a mould-resistant coating, including in high-humidity areas
  • Quick drying
  • Top coat in 1 hour
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